Collapse Scenario

You are working as part of a Paramedic, Technician crew when you are allocated a job for an 81-year-old male who is having a seizure, ineffective breathing. You start responding to the call on blue lights. You arrive at the property to see a frantic member of the public in the doorway. They explain to you it’s his father who seemed to have a funny turn, fell to the floor, and started having a seizure. The seizure lasted around 6 minutes before stopping. The patient has since been in an unresponsive state.

You make your way to the living room to find the patient supine on the floor. They are a pale/ashen colour, have a high respiratory rate around 45 breaths per minute, and have obviously been sick with vomit around their airway and some very noisy upper respiratory sounds/snoring. They are GCS 5 (2/1/2), and there are no obvious signs of bleeding or injury.