Special Circumstances in Cardiac Arrest Scenario Quiz 2

You are working as part of a Paramedic and Technician crew on an Ambulance. You are half-way through the day shift on what has been a sunny, and overall good day. A cat 1 call comes over the MDT for a reported 18-year-old drowning. Control informs you the Fire and Rescue Service will shortly be on scene, and will update you to any further details.

You arrive in the car park of a local nature spot. You liaise with FRS on scene who have got a boat and teams in the water searching. From the history, the patient was swimming in the lake with his friends. He started to get into difficulty in the middle of the lake. His friends tried to swim out and rescue him, but he went under the water before they could reach him. In total, the patient has been under the water for approximately 50 minutes. A shout calls up from the boat team, and they pull out the patient from the water and quickly make their way over to you.