Casualty CARDS

Ten Second Triage Simulation Cards

Offering visual and dynamic training in TST and MITT

Effective training, simple in design

Our Ten Second Triage Simulation Cards offer a versatile and reusable training solution for your training and simulation needs. Each card pack comes with a clear and realistic trauma image showing injury, initial observations, and evolving clinical presentation. All cards are interchangeable, meaning you can create a huge range of situations for users, ranging from minor injury, to severely unwell trauma patients. Cards also have numbered identifiers making them easy to set up in order of a scenario for the injury present. In addition to the cards, there is also a QR code on each allowing the user to access printable additions to help make scenarios and training run better.

The cards were designed around the Ten Second Triage (TST) and Major Incident Trauma Triage (MITT) systems, makes trauma and mass casualty scenarios more visual and dynamic for users.

What comes in a pack:

One pack contains – 1 x Trauma image with initial assessment, 3 x Phase cards (1/2/3) with evolving observations.

Each pack is retailed at £14.99.

Postage fees also apply.

A minimum order of 10 is required.

Packs are made to order with an average 2-3 week delivery schedule.

When placing your order, we can tailor what images you want from our range available.

Options include stab wounds, gunshot wounds, lacerations, burns, and more. For more information, fill in your contact details and one of our team will be in touch.

Our Trauma Cards in use

Our cards have been used by the Welsh Ambulance Service HART and SORT teams for trauma and mass casualty training in numerous exercises. Training events have included the Ambulance Service, Police Service, Fire and Rescue Service, along with MERIT (Medical Emergency Response incident Team), and Helimed services.

Cards have been used on live actors, on manikins, and in scenarios involving both. The Trauma cards have received excellent feedback from users, and have helped greatly in simulation events. For more information, fill in your contact details and one of our team will be in touch.