Chemical Agents


Here our CPD looks at the Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Hazardous Material range of content

Welcome to CBRN and HAZMAT

CBRN and HAZMAT are areas which Ambulance staff rarely have much training or awareness in. Apart from dealing with Covid-19, it is rare that you will come across a CBRN or HAZMAT job in your career. That being said, CBRN and HAZMAT can be extremely dangerous and can catch crews out who have little knowledge or experience. The environments they create can be deadly and require a complex multi-agency response.

Many services have HART and SORT teams who have additional training and equipment to be able to deal with certain CBRN and HAZMAT settings, but having an awareness can help you in identifying potential hazards and threats, and what you can try to do when arriving on scene.

In this section, all of our CPD content looks at the world of CBRN and HAZMAT and has a mixture of quizzes, workbooks, and videos:

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