Paramedic CPD

All of our Paramedic specific CPD put in one place so you can easily manage your CPD and portfolio needs

Paramedic content

Ambulance CPD has a huge variety of CPD Content available on site covering a wide range of topics and levels. In our Paramedic section, we have collected all of our CPD content which is targeted at the Paramedic skill level. This means you can easily see all of our CPD content specified for you, and manage your CPD and Portfolio as you see best

Test yourself on the content, get CPD Certificates, and keep adding to your CPD Diary and Portfolio building evidence for your employer and the HCPC. If you want more lesson based content, look at our CPD Lessons, Study Sessions, Videos, and Courses linked in the menu under ongoing learning.

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Practice Quizzes:

Our Practice Quizzes cover a wide range of subjects within Pre-Hospital care. You can test your knowledge on different subjects, practices, conditions, and skills. All quizzes cover detailed information within the subject and can help you identify any learning needs or areas that require development.

The pass mark is 70% and on successful completion you will get a CPD Certificate to evidence your work.

Practice Quizzes

Scenario Quizzes:

Here we have our Scenario Quizzes, designed to test your knowledge and actions in a scenario setting. Working your way through a scenario, you will need to decide from the multi-choice answers what actions you would take at that moment. On choosing your answer, you will be informed if it was the correct or incorrect thing to do.

Through creating these scenario quizzes we want to simulate putting you in a difficult scenario situation, allowing your mind to have a ‘mental workout’ of what you’d do given a similar setting in real life.

Scenario Quizzes

Anatomy and Physiology:

Anatomy and Physiology is important as it allows us to know what we are dealing with and what differences our actions and treatments can make. Anatomy and physiology of the human body make up the basic knowledge of all Ambulance staff, often being the first lessons done in training school. Here we have a wide range of quizzes and content looking at various A&P elements to challenge your knowledge and skill on. See how much you know by completing our A&P CPD content.

Anatomy & Physiology

CPD Advancement:

If you are looking at advancing your CPD and learning, we have a lot more options available for you. CPD is an ongoing process, and in our advancement section, we have a several links to our pages offering learning and development for your CPD. Our learning covers a wide range of content meaning that is more inclusive for different learners needs. Have a look and what can help you advance your CPD.

CPD Advancement