Technicians CPD

Here we have a range of CPD content aimed at Ambulance clinicians up to Technician level. All are welcome here to develop and advance their CPD knowledge.

Ambulance Technicians CPD

Our Ambulance Technicians CPD is available to be used by all staff but we have placed more emphasis on Emergency Medical Technicians, Emergency Care Assistants, Student Paramedics, and Volunteers. The content available here is less about advanced manoeuvres and more about practicality and knowledge, although all of the content on Ambulance CPD is aimed at all members of the ambulance service and we encourage all staff up to Technician grade to explore everything we publish. In this section, we will be posting content that is more tailored to members of staff up to the Technician level. The CPD content posted here is still very beneficial for Paramedics and higher-up ambulance staff.

The variety of content below covers numerous forms such as quizzes, videos, workbooks, and more. For any quizzes, you need 70% or more to pass and gain a CPD Certificate: