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Alongside our usual CPD E-learning of quizzes and content, we know that everyone has a different styles of learning that better suit them. To help meet everyone’s needs in their CPD, we have a range of download CPD that you can use to fill in and add to your CPD Portfolio. Having multiple type of CPD learning means that we can be more inclusive of everyone’s learning styles and needs:

Download CPD types

CPD Workbooks

A very popular CPD option, our range of CPD Workbooks allows you to download the content and complete it at your own pace with your own references and resources.

Our workbooks use a self-guided style of CPD, allowing individuals of any grade and skill to be able to fill them to a standard that is appropriate to their level.

We have a large range of CPD Workbooks covering a wide range of Pre-hospital topics.

Portfolio Builder

Our Portfolio Builder section offers templates and logs that you can download to help you in filling your CPD Portfolio.

Using the different templates and logs can help you with writing reflections, keep track of your used skills, and log what CPD training you have completed.

All of our Portfolio Builder templates and logs have been made with the HCPC in mind, and look to help you meet their core standards and values in regards to CPD maintenance.

Teamwork CPD

Our Teamwork CPD offers teams of 2 staff or more the ability to download a scenario and assessment form to fill in. The team can then act out the scenario and mark how they have done, noting if all key points were met in the scenario, how they felt it went, and what their colleagues felt of the scenario.

Once completed, the designated assessor fills out the assessment form and notes any pointers, comments, or reflections. The form can then be photocopied and put into their CPD portfolios as evidence.