CPD Approved Provider

Clinical Governance

CPD Governance

CPD Approved ProviderEnsuring that our CPD is beneficial to all is a critical objective for us. As such, we have our own Clinical Governance Structure in place to maintain the quality of our CPD content:

Our content is written by our Paramedic Content Creators who have significant qualifications, experiences working in various Ambulance Service fields, and are serving NHS staff. All of the CPD content stored in our database is reviewed and referenced, ensuring it is of high quality and meets the CPD needs of our members. This database is reviewed annually to check for any new updates or changes to any guidelines.


Cpd Accreditation LogoOur content is regularly tested by Full-time Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians who review the content and advise how well they feel the questions are written, discuss any discrepancies with answers, and their overall feelings and benefits from the content.

We are an accredited CPD Provider with The CPD Group, we are on the CPD Register, and have CPD Group accredited courses available on site. Through these accreditations, we have to continually provide quality CPD for all our members.

Through having a stringent Clinical Governance Structure in place, it helps us maintain the high level of quality that our CPD can provide. This ensures we provide the most benefit for CPD, and we maintain the highest of quality which can be expected by our members.