Celebrating International Paramedics Day

International Paramedics Day – How to become a Paramedic

Welcome to our International Paramedics Day Page

This year we are collaborating with International Paramedics Day to raise awareness and support for the profession, and all of the amazing staff that work within Ambulance Service roles across the world. Working as an Ambulance Clinician gives you the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, often when it may be the worst time for them. The role can be challenging and often has its stresses, but it can also be rewarding with opportunities for growth and development. This year we are focusing on how to become a Paramedic or Ambulance Clinician. Below you can see some information available to give individuals looking at the role some guidance and idea of what it entails. We also have many short case studies looking at the different ways Paramedics got into the role.

How to become a Paramedic

The role of a Paramedic is highly rewarding, offering an opportunity to make a difference and providing many challenging situations to overcome. Becoming a Paramedic can give you a lifelong career, and open many doors for advancement and progression into various roles. It can be tough and stressful, but ultimately you will be there to help people in some of their most difficult times, and you will be able to make a difference.

Below we have various links to articles that will help you understand more about becoming a Paramedic. We also have many case studies showing how people got into the role, and that no one size fits all:

A Paramedic is a highly skilled individual who must be able to make critical treatment decisions autonomously whilst dealing with traumatic and stressful situations. As such, the training involved for …
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In this section, we have put together a number of case studies of Paramedics to see how they got into the profession. One size doesn’t fit all, and these case …