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A range of CPD videos that you can view for your CPD needs.

Ambulance CPD Videos

Welcome to Ambulance CPD Videos, here we will be developing a range of CPD videos that you can view for your CPD needs. We will be adding new CPD videos to our site on a regular basis, aiming to cover a wide range of Ambulance and Medical topics. Videos times vary but will be no longer than 10 minutes, so an ideal bite-sized CPD to watch on the go.

CPD in a variety of ways…

Our aim at Ambulance CPD is to provide users with a wide range of content so that they can use us as a one-stop shop for their CPD needs. Along with the quizzes, study sessions, and workbooks, we hope our videos will be able to aid users in their CPD and help them get the most out of our site.

As mentioned, new CPD videos will be added on a regular basis and will look to cover a wide range of topics. We will categorise the videos into recommended audience types so users can know what videos may be best suited for them, but all videos will give some CPD benefit to Ambulance staff at different levels.

As you can see we have a small selection of content currently due to the time and resources required to publish a video, but more videos will be in development soon.