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We get lots of questions about our website. Here we hope to answer some of the more common ones in our FAQ’s:

Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions:

Our site caters CPD content for Ambulance and Pre-Hospital Clinicians across the UK and the Globe. Its’ range varies through a spectrum of Ambulance Clinician subjects such as Trauma, Paediatrics, Cardiology, CBRN, and more. Sign up to access our CPD

No, one of our main aims is to offer an inclusive learning experience for a multitude of learning styles. We understand that everyone has a preferred learning method and that’s why we offer Videos, Courses, Workbooks, Study Sessions, CPD Lessons, and more, alongside the conventional multi-choice quiz. Sign up to access the huge variety of content available

There are multiple ways you can record the CPD you do on site. Every member has their own dashboard where all the certificates they gain are recorded and stored. This means you can log on at any device with a printer and print off all your certificates or download them. We also have a CPD Diary and Log where you can record any CPD activities you complete. This log can easily be printed off or downloaded as part of your CPD evidence. Sign up to access your learner dashboard

Our CPD library has been expanding ever since we started and continues to grow month on month. At the time of writing this we have hundreds of individual CPD content to choose from, with thousands of questions in our question bank. Sign up to see all of the CPD content available

We regularly add monthly content onto our site, with new CPD and ideas in development all the time. we vary the added content from quizzes, videos, and more, helping build up our library of CPD content. Sign up to access our new monthly content

Yes, our site has been designed to operate well over multiple devices; Computer, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile… This means you can use our site anywhere you want with an internet connection. Sign up and access CPD over various devices

We are an accredited CPD Provider with The CPD Group, are on the CPD Register, and have CPD Group accredited courses available on site. Our dedication to quality and meaningful CPD content has allowed us to achieve these CPD accreditations, and we continue to maintain their very strict standards to ensure our members get the best from us. Alongside this, all the CPD content is written by HCPC registered Paramedics who have additional educational background and training. You can see more about our Clinical Governance on our explanation page.

No, you can cancel your membership with us at any time. Our Terms and Conditions of Supply Policy explains the process if you want to cancel your membership. You can find all our Policies at the bottom of the page. Sign up to get started

We have thousands of members who regularly use our site for their CPD needs with lots of positive feedback. We currently have a TrustPilot rating of ‘Excellent’, with numerous other 5/5-star reviews on other platforms such as Facebook and Google. Have a look what people are saying, or check out the reviews below. Sign up to see how we benefit our users

We do offer discounts for group membership depending on the numbers. We have worked alongside numerous Student Paramedic Groups, Private Companies, First Aid Providers, and Employers offering group discounts. If you would like to discuss a group discount, fill out the contact us form, and one of our team will be in touch shortly

An excellent tool in keeping you update with CPD. I am an ECA and found this very helpful in keeping my skill levels up to date and relevant in different circumstances in the medical environment.
Caters for all skill sets. Easy to use and well structured content. Invaluable CPD. Highly recommended
As a Tutor for a Community First Responder team I think this is a great resource to use with the team to promote discussion and knowledge sharing and to deepen our underpinning subject matter knowledge. Not all of the material applies to the CFR role but there is plenty there to keep us occupied for awhile :-)
Nick Dowling
I was off work with COVID and I completed all the certificates that you had available and enjoyed do them.
Mr Bendall
Ambulance CPD is an excellent platform. I find the content of all their applications a crucial element of my CPD portfolio.
Gwyn Griffiths
Excellent CPD for all staff. Good learning materials and quizzes with a certificate for CPD files at the end, highly recommended:)
Sarah Beck
Excellent site with good content, excellent for everyone with a interest in pre hospital care. Would highly recommend this site which is updated with relevant information regularly.
Craig Merrick
I enjoy this website excellent content full of up to date information.
Dorian Simmonds
This is a great and useful tool to keep Technicians' knowledge up to date and refreshed. Technicians are an integral part of pre hospital care and are sometimes under valued. The knowledge and learning from Ambulance CPD is second to none and is more than useful to keep professional knowledge and standards to the fore.
Stephen Burton

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