CPD Advancement

CPD Advancement

Continual Professional Development for all Ambulance Staff

CPD is a vital aspect of an Ambulance Clinicians role. It helps them keep up to date with changing practice and medication changes, be prepared for difficult or unusual jobs, helps them in clinical decision making, and more. At Ambulance CPD we know how important it is for staff to maintain their CPD, and instead of just using a small number of leaning types, we expanded our content to be more inclusive for all learners.

That’s why we have such range of different content types that you can use on site. Some learners prefer doing quizzes, some prefer courses, others prefer videos and workbooks… All of our content here is aimed at furthering your knowledge and experience, helping you manage your CPD.

CPD Lessons:

Our CPD Lessons range looks at offering a ‘lesson’ structure to a chosen CPD subject. The world of pre-hospital medicine and trauma offers a huge range of subject matters to look into. We know this can be difficult to keep on top of everything. Our lessons structure looks to give you the important information on a subject, helping you understand the vital aspects. Our lessons consist of a CPD video, followed by a an MCQ on the subject.

CPD Lessons

CPD Courses:

Our CPD Accredited Courses cover a range of Pre-Hospital subjects and offer hours of learning. Each course has been Accredited by the CPD Standards Office and comes with a CPDSO Certificate on successful completion. Each course goes into detail on the specific subject, offering significant learning opportunity and CPD evidence.

CPD Courses

CPD Videos:

Here we have developed a range of CPD videos in a classroom learning style that you can view for your CPD needs. Videos times vary but will be no longer than 10 minutes, so an ideal bite-sized CPD to watch on the go. In each video, details of the subject are covered and explained. Along with the whiteboard learning, subjects can be easily explained and demonstrated.

CPD Videos

CPD Workbooks:

Here we have a range of different workbooks you can complete for your CPD. What’s the best way of completing your workbook, that is up to you. You can use medical books, journals, online literature, your Trusts guidance… the list is huge. You can put lots of detail, or just what you think is right for demonstrating your CPD needs. You can put in references as you want and links to where you have gathered the information from.

CPD Workbooks

Teamwork CPD:

Welcome to Teamwork CPD, where you can download Scenarios and Assessment forms for a wide range of situations which you can then utilize within your training. The scenario forms can help you create and assess scenarios through a multitude of settings with your work colleagues/peers. They are easily adaptable allowing you to have multiple people in the training or just 2.

Teamwork CPD