Overview and Finish

Following this course, you have now received an in-depth view of CBRN and what risks and presentations they may pose. You should now have an overview of multiple factors within each of the CBRN subjects and understand how they could affect your role within the pre-hospital environment and treatment of patients. Many Ambulance Services will have their own plans for responses to CBRN incidents, and specialist training between multiple services goes on in the background in preparedness of such potential events. It is unlikely that you will respond to a CBRN event, but if you ever do, it will pose significant challenges to you and your colleagues.

For more information, search your Ambulance Services’ emergency preparedness plans and information on CBRN events.

To finish this course, start the end of course quiz that can be selected below. You need to score 70% or more in order to pass. When the course is completed 100% you will be able to download your certificate on the main page.