Child Choking Scenario

You are working alone on an RRV when you are called to a 4-year-old ineffective breathing, choking. On route control update you that there seems to be a lot of panic on the 999-phone call but what is gathered is that a 4-year-old was eating food and has begun choking. Further back up is on route including an Ambulance, Critical Care Paramedic, and BASICS Doctors.

You arrive at scene within 5 minutes to be greeted by a panicked father:

“Please, you have to help, my daughter is in the kitchen. She was eating some chips but she’s started choking. You have to help her please.”

You enter the property with all the kit you can carry and are directed to the kitchen where the child is held over mum’s knees with her patting the girls’ back. Mum is sobbing.

The child is blue around the face with a very poor respiratory effort.