Difficult Airway (Technician)

You are working as a double Technician crew on an Ambulance when you respond to a 38-year-old male who has just been rescued by Lifeboat after getting into difficulties in the ocean. You are 8 minutes from scene, and control advises you Paramedic back up is 20 minutes away.

You arrive at the Lifeboat landing area where you see several members with a BVM trying to ventilate the patient. You and your colleague grab your kit, and you make your way over the patient. A member of the Lifeboat team gives you a quick handover: The patient was swimming off the beach when the current took him out to sea. The patient had been out for around 20 minutes before the Lifeboat team was able to rescue him. Initially he was alert and panicked but became unconscious with reduced respirations. He has been bringing up lots of water.