Fall Scenario (Technician)

You are working as a double Technician crewed ambulance and are called to a 76-year-old female who has pressed her care-line button after a fall. The call has been in for some time and at scene you find the patient still on the floor next to her bed. She lives on her own but has no family nearby.

She is alert, conversant, and is very apologetic for ‘wasting your time’. You explain you are going to do a few checks first before you get her up on her feet. You are happy there are no abnormalities in your primary and a simple secondary survey to find external injury and she complains of no pain. Her observations completed are: 88 HR, 16 RR, 98% Sp02, 110/82 BP, 36.1 Temp and 7.2 blood sugar.

She remembers getting out of bed but is unsure how she got onto the floor. She states she has been feeling funny recently but has been unable to describe specific symptoms.