Febrile Child (Tech) Scenario

You are working as a double Technician crew on an ambulance when you are called to a 3-year-old who has had a prolonged fever and is not responding appropriately. On arrival at scene, you are shown in to the patient where he is laying on the floor. He only has a nappy on, seems to have an erythema rash over his chest and back, and looks very fatigued. As you walk in, he doesn’t acknowledge your presence.

Mum shows you his latest temperature, 40.3°C, and explains he has had a high temperature for the past week even after having Calpol. The rash developed last night, and today he has just been very lethargic all day.

Your colleague continues questioning while you start to assess the patient. From your overview, the patient has some cyanosis in his lips and is positioned on his left side with his head tucked into his chest, he is making snoring sounds. He is breathing rapidly, you estimate around 40 respirations per minute. Skin is flushed with the rash visibly on his chest, you feel for a brachial and estimate the pulse to be 160 beats per minute. On assessing disability, the patient seems semi alert but is very lethargic, only responding to your verbal ques.