Functional Seizure Scenario

You are called to a 21-year-old female currently having a seizure. You don’t know much information, but you know the seizure has lasted longer than 5 minutes. You arrive shortly after the call was taken to a large council office and are directed inside by a member of staff. She tells you the patient has regular seizures, and this one seems to be like past ones. The patient is currently with a new social worker, and it is she who has called for the ambulance. As you arrive, you see the patient on the floor and their arms are aggressively moving up and down, the rest of the body is fairly still. The staff member who has escorted you states she is going to the office to get the patients emergency care plan and will be back in 5 minutes.

The patient is still seizing but something doesn’t feel right. The patient seems to be tracking your presence as you approach.