Respiratory Arrest Scenario

You are working a night shift with a Technician colleague in the early hours of the morning when you are called to a 21-year-old male who is slumped on a bus bench on a public street. The job states there is agonal/ineffective breathing. You start travelling on blue lights to the location.

At scene you can see the patient is now on the floor in a recovery position. The passer by states she saw the patient slumped in the bus station and wouldn’t respond. She’s unsure if he was breathing and has placed him in the recovery position. Looking at the patient there seems to be very little respiratory effort, he is a pale colour with a bluish tinge around his mouth. He is unconscious, GCS 3, and is unrousable to your call outs. You feel for a carotid pulse and there is still one present. Looking around you see no obvious bleeding or injury, and in the recovery position his airway is staying patent with no obstruction obvious.