Asthma Scenario

You are working as a solo responder on an RRV when you are called to a 34-year-old male who is struggling to breathe. Control advises you that there is an ambulance 15 minutes behind you. You arrive at the property and are greeted by the patients’ wife who shows you into the kitchen. The scene is safe.

You are greeted by the patient who is sat in a tripod position. He is able to speak in short, broken sentences. Between him and his wife, they explain his asthma has been getting worse over the last few hours. He’s been taking his pumps and has been trying to get an appointment with his GP but to no avail. He is concerned as he has been in ITU a number of times with his asthma and it normally starts off ok but gradually gets worse and worse. He feels he is at that turning point where it is getting worse.