Catastrophic Haemorrhage Scenario (Tech)

You are working as a solo Emergency Technician on an RRV when you are called to 19 year old in a public place who has reportedly been stabbed. The scene is 5 minutes away, control contact you to inform that police have made the request, and Officers are currently trying to manage the bleeding. Paramedic backup is on route but they will be 10 minutes. You respond on blue lights to the incident, you see the police down an alley way with the patient on the floor and a lot of blood around him.

As you approach with your kit, you see the 2 Officers are pressing hardly on his lower thigh area. A lot of blood seems to be spurting from under their hands. They explain they were doing their daily patrol when they heard a commotion and someone calling for help. They came down the alley and found the patient with stab wounds to his thigh. The patient was very distressed initially, saying repeatedly “He’s stabbed me, he’s stabbed me,” but the patient is now a lot quieter and just groaning.