Mental Health Crisis Scenario

You’ve been called by police for assistance to a 33-year-old female having a suspected mental health crisis. As you arrive on scene you see around 5 Police Officers struggling to restrain a person on the grass, with another Officer heading over to you. They explain they found the lady in a very distressed state. The police have failed to calm the patient, and she seems unable to understanding anything they are saying. She has a history of mental health issues in the past and previous illegal drug use.

As police tried to reassure the patient, she tried to run towards a busy road, screaming violent intentions. Police stopped her, but she attempted to punch and kick out, therefore police have resorted to restraint to protect the public and herself. As you approach you can see the patient is still fighting and the Police Officers are struggling to keep her controlled. She looks very sweaty and is acting very paranoid, screaming ‘they are coming to get me’.