Paediatric Arrest (Tech) Scenario

You are working as a solo Technician on an RRV when you receive a call to a query 4-year-old cardiac arrest. You start making your way to the property when control give you an update that further Paramedic back up and clinicians are on route. They will be 8 minutes behind you.

You arrive at the property where a woman is holding a 4-year-old in her arms, she is extremely distressed, and you see that the child is limp and unresponsive. You grab your kit and enter the property, asking mum to place the child on the floor and ask what’s happened. She explains she put her son to bed half an hour ago. She went up to check on him and found him unresponsive, not breathing. You quickly investigate the airway and check for breathing and a pulse. The airway is clear, and you cannot detect breathing or a palpable pulse. You confirm that the patient is in cardiac arrest and quickly tab an open call on the radio.