Paediatric Sepsis Scenario

You are a Paramedic working as part of a Para/Tech crew when you are sent a call for a 7-year-old not breathing properly. The address is 8 minutes away, and you respond in the Ambulance. Control updates you on the way that there isn’t currently any further back up available, and if you can update them to the situation so they can try and arrange further help. 

You arrive on scene and directed by the patients’ mum to the living room. Mum explains her son, James, has had Diarrhoea and Vomiting for the past week. She took him to the GP, but the doctor told her to let the illness run its course. Initially James was coping well, but the past 3 days he hasn’t been able to eat or drink anything and has not been passing any urine or stools. This morning, mum has left James on the sofa to watch cartoons while she did some home office meetings. After and our or so, she checked on her son and found him in a poorly state.