Pregnancy Arrest Scenario

You are working as a double paramedic crew with a Student Paramedic on an EA. You receive a call to 32-year-old female who is query in cardiac arrest. Further information is that the patient is 34 weeks pregnant. The address is 7 minutes away. Control informs you that a second ambulance and an RRV with an Advanced Paramedic Practitioner on board are also on route, but will be 15 minutes. 

You arrive at scene and see the partner of the patient frantically shouting at you from the upstairs window. You quickly collect all necessary equipment, enter the house, and go upstairs. You walk into the bathroom where the partner is doing CPR on the patient. He explains that the patient was in the bath, she has been diagnosed with pre-eclampsia, he could hear some commotion and when he came to check on her, she was under the water. He’s pulled her out of the water and she wasn’t breathing, so called 999 and started chest compressions.