RTC Entrapment Scenario

You are working as a double Paramedic crew on an Ambulance, you have just been called to an RTC on a busy A road stretch 15 minutes away. The reports are of a head on collision between an HGV lorry and a car. There are 2 casualties reported, the lorry driver, and driver of the car. The person in the car appears to be trapped. Control informs you that there are multiple vehicles being deployed to scene including another Ambulance, a Critical Care Doctor, Helimed, and members from HART. You will be first on scene along with Police.

As you approach the scene you can see there is significant debris on the road, Police have set up a cordon and have made the scene safe. Looking at the car, you can see there is significant damage and intrusion of the engine into the cab. You don your RTC jacket and helmet and carry kit over to the scene. You can see one patient sat in the driver seat of the car, and there is a man who has a head injury with blood on his face and jumper speaking to a Police officer. You decide to split up and triage/treat the patients individually until more help arrives. You head over to the person trapped in the car.